"Korbani" is the Islamic word for sacrifice (spelling may be different in some parts of the world). A good Muslim is supposed to practice the act of Korbani once each year, if he can afford it, but at least once in his lifetime. This event falls not long after the month of fasting, Ramadan. It can be offered for an individual, but usually one sacrifice coves an entire family. Whether Muslims actually practice the Korbani depends on whether they can afford it or not.

When asked about the origin of the Korbani, a Muslim is quick to answer that this practice is based on Abraham痴 offer to sacrifice his son on the mountain. They will say that Abraham took Ishmael to the mountain to be sacrificed. Actually the son is not named in the Koran.

Although the practice of Korbani is deeply rooted in Islam, very few Muslims understand the reason God established the sacrificial system. When asked about the history and meaning of Korbani, most Muslims will say that they practice korbani because their father, his father, and his father practiced this ritual.

The sacrifice can be a goat, sheep, cow, or camel. The actual sacrifice may not be the same in all parts of the world. Normally, an animal is purchased a few days before Korbani Eid (ee-d annual ceremonial sacrifice of an animal by Muslims, similar to animal sacrificing found in the Old testament). The animal must be in good condition.

Typically, on the morning of Korbani Eid, the family dresses in their finest clothes and gathers in the yard. The ale leader of the family along with other males in the family place their hands on the animal. The leader has in his hand a written list of seven names of special family members, some who have already deceased. A prayer is said and then the names on the list are called out immediately before the animal痴 throat is cut. A local butcher, with a proper knife, slits the throat of the animal.

Afterwards, the family returns to the house and the butcher goes to work on dividing up the meat for distribution. It is required that a portion of the meat be given to the poor.

The Korbani Plan of Salvation explains that 選sa died as the sacrifice for our sins.


Do you know the story of Hazrat Ibrahim (Hazrat= a term of honour like "sir". Ibrahim=Abraham) and when he was told to do Korbani with his son?

What did Hazrat Ibrahim do? Answer: Ibrahim took his son to offer as a Korbani.

What did Allah do at the last minute? He sent an angel to stop the Korbani.

What test was Allah giving to Ibrahim? Answer: To see how much Ibrahim loved Allah.

As Ibrahim and his son walked up the mountain, what did Ibrahim痴 son ask him? Answer: "The fire and the wood are here, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?" (Genesis 22.7)

What did Hazrat Ibrahim say in response to his son? Answer: "Allah himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son." (Genesis 22.8)


In the before books (Kitabs= holy books from God), the Taurat (first five books of the Old Testament) and the Injil (New Testament), is explained the way it was practiced and the true meaning behind the act of Korbani.

The Korbani animal was to be pure with no blemishes or defects. It cannot be purchased with corrupt money or from the black market.

Korbani is the symbolic act where the guilt and punishment of the sinner is transferred by the judge to the innocent.

The three participants in the act of Korbani are the animal, representing innocence, man, representing the guilty sinner deserving punishment, and Allah, the merciful judge.

Hazrut David (King David) said that the best Korbani is one that takes place on the inside of a person. Without feeling sorry for your sins, acceptable Korbani is not possible (psalms 51:16-17).

Muslim followers of 選sa stopped the practice of sacrificing animals.

From the holy Kitabs, the correct way to do Korbani is to lay our hands on the animal and say, "Allah, I know that I am a sinner and that my punishment is eternal death and separation from you. Allah, please take the blood of this animal as a substitute for my punishment, use this blood to cover and remove the evil inside me and the sins of my family."

Korbani was an act done to please Allah so that he would forgive sin. But the forgiveness of sin did not remove the guilt of sin. No judge will say to a repentant murderer, 2 I know that you are sorry for your crime and therefore, I forgive you, now go and be free." A fair and righteous judge would say to a repentant murderer, " I know you are sorry for your crime, but no matter how sorry you are, someone is still dead, the crime still exists, and punishment must be made."

In order for man to enter into heaven with Allah, man must be holy and totally free from sin. Holiness and unholiness cannot exist in the same place. No matter how repentant and sorry we feel for our sin, the punishment for our crime must be paid in full. The punishment for sin is eternal banishment form the presence of Allah.

Since Allah loves us and wants us to be with him in heaven, he made a plan for our salvation and Allah is the best of planners.


Allah sent prophets to reveal his wonderful plan to man. He himself would provide the perfect Korbani that would not only cover our sins with forgiveness, but would totally and completely remove our sins. With sins removed, man can now enter into heaven. The plan itself would reveal to man how much Allah loves him.

The sacrifice had to be pure, holy, and powerful enough to cover and remove the sins of all mankind. A sacrifice like this could only come from Allah himself. After reading Surah Al-Imran 3:42-55 you can see that 選sa was more than a prophet, that he came directly from Allah, lived a holy life, and had all power in his hand.

Allah decided to demonstrate his love for man by using 選sa for the sacrifice. The sins of all mankind were placed onto 選sa. 選sa took on the entire sins of the world when he died. He did not have to die, but he willingly allowed himself to become the sacrifice for man. The penalty for our crime of sin was paid with the innocent blood of 選sa.

The Koran says this about 選sa in Surah Maryam 19:33:

Peace be on me the day I was born,

and the day I die,

and the day I shall be raised alive.

After 選sa died, the Muslims who followed him stopped doing animal Korbani. They knew that Allah had done the ultimate and complete Korbani. Do you want to have your sins totally and completely removed from you?


A gift is not a gift if you must work for it. When someone gives you a gift, all you have to do to receive the gift is to simply accept it.

In the same way, in order to receive Allah痴 gift of heaven, all you have to do is to accept it. One can try to do enough good works to get into heaven, but in the end, these good works are not enough to remove sins.

The Injil is clear on how to receive Allah痴 gift. First, understand and know that all men are sinners. Sinners cannot go to heaven and must receive Allah痴 just punishment of eternity in hell 9 Romans 3:10-12 and 3;23).

Second, 選sa was born without sin and never sinned. He is the very "Ruhullah" (Spirit of Allah) and "Kalimatullah" (Word of Allah). His blood is innocent because he did not inherit Adam痴 sin or commit any sin while alive. 選sa痴 blood is holy and powerful (選sa raised people from the dead). Allah asked Ibrahim to demonstrate his love for Allah by sacrificing his precious son. In the same way, to demonstrate his love for man, Allah decided to do Korbani fro all mankind by sacrificing 選sa.

Third, 選sa know of Allah痴 plan to use him for the Korbani of the world. Muslim followers of 選sa are eternally grateful to 選sa for willingly giving himself to be used for Allah痴 Korbani. Allah placed the sins of all mankind on 選sa and then he was killed.

In the Injil in 1 Peter, Surah 3 ayat 18 we read this: " For 選sa also suffered once for sins, the just (選sa) for the unjust (man), that he might bring us to Allah." And it states, "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one痴 life for his friends." Yahyah (John) Surah 15, ayat 13.

Fourth, the Injil states that in order to receive Allah痴 gift of eternal life, a person must believe in 選sa. In the Injil in Yahyah (John) Surah 3, ayat 16, it says, " For Allah so loved the world that he gave 選sa, His Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish (in hell) but have everlasting life (in heaven)." It is through 選sa that we can make it to heaven and live eternally with allah. 選sa knows the way and is the way to heaven. If you believe that allah did Korbani by using the blood of 選sa to cever and remove your sins, then you can join 選sa in heaven.

Lift your hands to Allah and say these words:

"Allah, I believe that you are one. I believe that you love all people. I understand that I am a sinner and that I deserve to be forever separated from you when I die. I thank you that you demonstrated your love and mercy for me by doing Korbani fro me. I believe that you used 選sa痴 blood as a substitute for my blood and punishment. It is through 選sa that I can now come to you when I die."